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Gluten Free (Pizza and Bread)


Gluten Free (Pizza and Bread) Learn to manage the Pizza and Bread dough "GLUTEN FREE" to obtain a product of the Highest Quality also optimizing your work operations. The “GLUTEN FREE” market is getting bigger and that is why we must know carefully the procedures to guarantee the health of our clients.

The Foccaccia


The Foccaccia The FOCACCIA or Focaccia Bread is undoubtedly the most requested product by Restaurants, Ovens and Pizzerias for its versatility and multiple uses; Crunchy or soft, Genovese or Pugliese style, easy to produce and to store. Learn the production, conservation and regeneration operations to have a TOP product between your offer!



Baking Bake your own BREAD in your Restaurant or Pizzeria; Learn new techniques that you can perform with the machinery that you already have without additional investments. Optimize your preparation as much as possible by offering your customers the Best home made fresh bread !! Are you interested?

Indirect Dough


Indirect Dough (Biga, Poolish, Autolysis)All the secrets directly from the most influential Mills R&D Centers worldwide on new mixing techniques and new products; so that you are up to date and can offer the best product in your Pizzeria or Bakery. Are you interested? Give us your

Pizza in Teglia (on Tray)


Pizza in Teglia (on Tray) Pizza "in Teglia" (in Tray) is a variant of Pizza al Taglio,  so called, "al Corte"; in fact it is sold "by weight"; the client chooses from a wide variety of proposals and they are cut (with scissors to respect the fermentation sockets) the exact amount they want or

Neapolitan Pizza STG


Neapolitan Pizza STG The real PIZZA NAPOLETANA STG ( Traditional Specialty Guaranteed ) is open to the realization, following the official statement in the "OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE ITALIAN REPUBLIC" Disciplinary Pizza Napoletana STG Are you interested? Give us your details and we will contact you.



Lingua and Roman "Pinsa" The dough of the "Lingua Romana" ferment minimum 72 hours and this gives it an unbeatable lightness and digestibility, a flavor and textures still unknown in the conventional market, making this "classic" a novel proposal. Like all high quality gastronomic products, they are sold “by weight”; the client chooses from

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