Portioning machine


PRR Series Automatic Portioning Machine Is a machine designed for pizzerias, bakeries and patisseries, it makes work easier significantly reducing the preparation time, without interrupting the fermentation process. Create dough portions of different sizes, from 30gr to 300gr, with an innovative funnel calibration system, using 5 easily interchangeable nozzles. The whole machine is very



They round slices of dough for bread, pizza and sweets from 20gr to 800 grams, creating perfect balls by moving the rise of the portions of dough through the spiral. This system does not stress or heat the mass thus leaving all its properties unaltered . Composed of a robust steel frame and a

“Pizzaiolo” Prep Table


Refrigerated "Pizzaiolo" Prep Table with display case Working comfortably, safely and cleanly, in addition to being absolutely certain that your ingredients are always in perfect condition ... priceless! Choosing a Professional Refrigerated Prep Table is an important thing; 100% produced in Italy with the appropriate Certifications on Refrigeration Gases that comply with the EU

Blast Chillers


Blast Chillers The blast chillers allow us to expand the offer of products to the final customer since, in the preparation phase, they allow us to keep a finished product with all its properties intact. Its rapid temperature drop system prevents the proliferation of bacteria and preserves all the characteristics of the product.

Professional “gravity” slicers


Professional "gravity" slicers Maximum safety for the operator, precision in the cut and optimization of the product (due to its "gravity" system), make the slicer a fundamental instrument within the Pizzeria. Don't waste time and money on non-professional products ... work comfortably and safely! It has the European Certifications. Are



Gi.Metal Professional equipment for Pizzaiolo from the world leading brand Gi.Metal. Everything a professional needs to do their job in the most efficient and safest way. Are you interested? Enter your details and we will contact you. Remember that you can come to our ShowRoom to

Professional refrigerators


Professional refrigerators for Pizzerias Keeping your "dough" in perfect condition always means not risking your results and your business! Motor arrives to optimize its space and performance to the maximum. Choosing a Professional Refrigerated Cabinet is an important thing; 100% produced in Italy with the appropriate Certifications on Refrigeration Gases that respect the EU

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