Pizzaiolo for one day

Master the art of Pizza at home

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Online Pizzaiolo course for one day

Learn from home the techniques that will make you a real Pizzaiolo

Learn how to make completely handmade and healthy Pizzas from the comfort of your own home, as if you were a true Professional!

The team will guide you step by step (… and with the tools you already have at home!) so you can make for yourself and yours: Pizzas, Focaccias and Bread.

In addition we will mix different types of flour, you will know different techniques of kneading and baking.

In short, an essential and very complete training that ALWAYS you can use and that every Family should have it!

We introduce you a unique Training Course due to its characteristics since you will learn to master the Art of Baking at home … if you have understood correctly, Pizza is born from Baking and that is surely why it is a fundamental food of our Mediterranean Diet!

Those of us who teach this Art are defined as “Masters of the White Arts” and for us any occasion to transmit, even a little bit of the gastronomic culture of our beloved Italy, fills us with pride.

Learning to “knead” such basic elements as flour, water, yeast and salt should be everyone’s heritage, since this has been lost over the years;

Our mission is precisely to re-spread those skills and that is why although we are focused on professionals in this trade, we strongly believe that you have to start by having that ancient culture in every home … and these latest events only confirm it!

Do you want to know how to do it?

Below I am going to share with you how you can do with each and every one of our secrets but first please allow me to introduce ourselves.

Know our origins was born in Spain by Massimo Quondamatteo and Stefano Cossignani. We define ourselves as 360º Gastronomic Advisors since we cover from the highest level Professional Training in Pizzeria, Bakery and Pasta to Advice on Openings and / or Optimization of Restaurants, Pizzerias, Production Centers and Industry.

More than 25 years of experience in the Spanish market as well as a very long international career with more than 100 openings and follow-ups of Restaurants / Pizzerias throughout the planet have led us to have in our client portfolio firms of worldwide importance.

Online Pizzaiolo course for one day


This course is tutored directly by me with an answer in less than 24 hours and consists of 12 programs + 2 Bonuses.
They are video classes of cinematographic quality and also include notes and / or recipes in PDF , which are also very didactic.

Each topic contains a video of around 20 minutes long depending on the topic and is 100% practical and online. You can follow him at any time and from anywhere in the world. At your own pace. On your own, you will have access forever from the moment you sign up .

Although later I will tell you more things, first of all …

Online Pizzaiolo course for one day

The course includes …

· MasterClass:Prepare a Pizza with the METHODS: SHORT FERMENTATION and LONG FERMENTATION
· Topic 1: Romero and Salt FOCACCIAS
· Topic 3: “Panini” Buns with Seeds
· Topic 4: Pizza with Multi-cereal flour

· Topic 5: “American Style” Pizza … pure Yankee style!
· Topic 6: Potato focacine
· Topic 7: “Stromboli” of vegetables and cheese … fresh and healthy ideas
· Topic 8: “Brioche” bread … a sweet bread ideal for breakfast and snacks

· Topic 9: How to prepare a Pizza “Calzone”
· Topic 10: “Pizza Baskets” … how to make an edible container, healthy and fun
· Topic 11: Sandwich bread with wholewheat flour
· Topic 12: Hot Dogs with Pizza Dough

Thank You Bonus
Summary Masterclass (in PDF) sent to your email
Video 1: Long-fermentation MasterClass
Video 2: Short-fermentation MasterClass

Video 3: Pizza dough with cocoa and its delicious possibilities

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Online Pizzaiolo course for one day

And now, the practical details …

They are the 12 most important and relevant topics on pizza and bread, grouped into 3 modules; in video format lessons that you will enjoy online and that has the Step by Step of the correct artisan preparation, so that you do not miss any detail.

The videos have a duration of around 20 minutes each, accompanied by their corresponding recipe and procedure, downloadable in pdf.

No. None of my formations groups or repeats what you see in others. This course offers unique content and only exists in online format. All my courses are complementary to each other.

The 12 lessons are eminently practical and we delve into the kneading techniques and the correct cooking of the products: this makes a big difference in the nutritional and gastronomic quality in the pizzas and the family of bakeries that we teach you.

You will have to put into practice the exercises and some recipes, which sometimes will take a little longer, other times less.

It is something simple and at the same time necessary for you to incorporate learning, and this course is really useful for you. We will review your answers and we will indicate our suggestions, it is in our interest that you enjoy it, it is the greatest sign of learning!

We reiterate, they are not recipes but training on kneading, fermentation and cooking techniques.

Of course.

If you do not like the classes, you do not learn or for any other reason that you will not have to explain to me, you do not want to continue with the course, you send me an email and you unsubscribe without any penalty and stop paying the € 27 per month or € 75 quarterly.

I just want you to if you really take advantage of it.

If you complete the 6-month subscription plan or the quarterly plan, you will have access to the entire course for life.

The Hotmart platform, where we have the training, will process your payment for the amount equivalent to the exchange rate in euros of your country and corresponding to the day of the transaction. You will see in the “shopping cart” the conversion value in your local currency before payment.

In the case of the 3 installment payment method, you will see the equivalent value in your local currency of the first installment for € 27. The remaining 2 monthly installments may vary in value in your local currency, depending on the price of the euro at the time of the charge on your card.

Yes. And for the price it has, it is one of the things that most surprise our students.

Under each class you have the school blog to answer all your questions and make your queries. It is a technical facility offered by the platform.

This course is very practical.

Of course it consists of theory, but I get to the point and explain things 100% down to earth and applicable to your day to day.

They are weekly video classes of around half an hour, depending on the week, recorded in film quality in great detail. You receive a weekly class. Four classes a month.

Includes PDFs with text, recipes, diagrams and tables to help you study, ideal to enrich a course full of data and details, and which will serve as a quick material query.

Of course.

Access to the platform will always be available, depending on the subscription you have purchased. You can do the course at your own pace by connecting whenever you want. There are no fixed schedules.

Absolutely. It is extremely simple and intuitive.

Once you make the subscription you will receive an email with the username and password to access the platform and support.

As for the device, any mobile, tablet or computer works for you and you can see them from any browser.

Not at all. You won’t have to do any of that.

All appliances are the most common in all houses.

With this training you will save quite a lot of money on the purchase, due to the amount of practical ideas of common and healthy foods that we use.

A few minutes after you make the payment, you will receive by email the registration with access to the course. Please keep in mind that automated emails sometimes take a moment.

The registration will reach the email you have registered at the time of making the payment, if it is not your usual email, keep it in mind, please and check your “spam” or “unwanted” email inbox.

Access works very fast, once you have made the purchase registration with it you will see all the select content fully available.

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