Project Description

Pizza in Teglia (on Tray)

Pizza “in Teglia” (in Tray) is a variant of Pizza al Taglio,  so called, “al Corte”; in fact it is sold “by weight”; the client chooses from a wide variety of proposals and they are cut (with scissors to respect the fermentation sockets) the exact amount they want or also “al Trancio” (by pieces)

For this type of pizza always fresh ingredients are used and especially in season and, if possible, from the area; This gives the possibility of obtaining a healthy, tasty and more economical product and very, very attractive, maintaining the unbeatable QUALITY / PRICE value !! To these products from the land they alternate real Delikatessen from Italy that raise the quality of these Pizzas to the level of “Gourmet” but at a cost accessible to all budgets.

The showcase presentation is always colored, fresh and very attractive since it is practically “at room temperature”; the Pizza is actually reheated for 3-4 minutes in the oven where, thanks to its high hydration, it is even softer on the inside and fragrant on the outside … a delicacy for the palate!

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