Project Description


The new 3000 series mixer is the result of 40 years of experience of the IGF company in collaboration with master pizza makers.

It is an ultra-compact machine, designed with the advice of master pizza makers for the specific demands of pizzerias and bakeries that need professional kneading machines for small and medium amounts of dough (from a few kilograms) with a large number of revolutions. of the spiral for better hydration of the dough.

The main characteristics of this machine are the following:

  • Elegant and innovative design
  • Strong and silent (m.x. 60 dB), thanks to its compact mechanics and the special shape of the steel frame.
  • Double gear motor immersed in oil for independent drive of trough and spiral rotations.
  • Double beater speed.
  • Automatic operation of the machine with electronic control card with double timer (for the two speeds of the mixer) with comfortable and accessible controls on the front of the head.
  • Inversion of rotation of the tank, with timed control on the electronic card, to allow a better collection of the dough in the initial phase of elaboration and to increase oxygenation.
  • Rotation of the tank with manual control button to facilitate emptying.
  • Large screen to visualize the operating status and diagnosis.
  • Combined multiple rotation system of the forged mixer with a suitable molding to obtain a homogeneous mass at optimum temperature.
  • Robust “doughbreaker” bar adjustable in height and distance from the mixer which, together with the particular molding of the mixer terminal, allows optimal cleaning of the tank and also allows a small amount of mixing to be done.
  • Stainless steel bowl protection grid with anti-drip molding and front opening to allow adding ingredients.
  • Side locks on the base to stabilize the mixer during the manufacturing process.
  • Robust wheels hidden in the frame for a quick re-positioning of the machine under the workbenches or in another desired place,
  • Electrical installation with controls with low voltage, thermal protection of the motors and fungiform emergency switch.

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