Project Description


It is the new customizable, reliable and FAST electric oven. It has optimal features and is able to guarantee:

  • Constant heat maintenance: thanks to the great thickness of the thermal insulation, the heat mass is evenly distributed within the cooking chamber, allowing the oven to achieve excellent pizza cooking.
  • Energy saving: the electric opening and closing of the protection glass is managed by the convenient switch, located to the left of the mouth of the oven. Thanks to its ergonomic shape and optimal insulation, DIAMANTE has minimal heat dispersion and high energy savings.
  • Optimal design to customize: DIAMANTE decorates your premises in an original and characteristic way and proposes many variables to give the idea of ​​the bricklaying oven:
  1. Arch and shelf with Montefeltro stone (marble type) and small brick cladding.
  2. Arch and shelf in small bricks and cladding in Paladiana.
  3. Arch and shelf with Montefeltro stone and neutral cladding
  • High production of pizzas and ease of use: Diamante is capable of cooking 100 pizzas in 1 hour and manages, in a simple way, each operation of the control panel. The DIAMANTE series ovens are also equipped with an intelligent cooktop, capable of recognizing the work area by automatically compensating for the temperature.

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